Save Each Sheet as PDF - Sheetname

変更日時: 12月 01,2016  
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説明:The macro will export each sheet with the set sheet name into the folder that the drawing file is in. Credit to Jared Sheetz (unable to find a contact method) for the origional macro. Will remove upon authors request. Modifications to change the way the file name is exported done by me.
    前提条件: To run the macro you need to have the file open in Solidworks. The macro can also be run in task scheduler.
  後条件: Macro takes a multisheet drawing file and exports each individual sheet as a seperate .PDF file. The files are named using the sheet name that is set in the tabs/properties of each sheet. Files are exported directly into the folder the drawing is in.
SOLIDWORKS バージョン: 2014
プログラミング言語: Other


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